RBI Starts Printing Rs 200 Notes And Here's Why We Find It Tricky

Another demonetisation on the way?


The whole nation felt a massive tremble on the night of 8th November 2016, when our Honorable Prime Minister, Mr Narendra Modi took over our televisions to make an announcement where he declared that notes of Rs 500 and 1000 would no longer be considered as legal tender throughout the country. 

Well, we aren't completely sure but it is quite probable that we might witness this incidence once again, and that too very soon. 

Recent reports from various news channels have told that the Reserve Bank of India has already started to print the new currency notes of Rs 200. 

A report from the Economic times said that the RBI is believed to have placed an order for the new Rs 200 notes a few weeks ago which are being printed in many of the government facilities. 

However, the site of the Central Government does not say anything about this action. We anticipate this new rumoured activity by the government as a step to fill the gap between the notes of Rs 100 and 500.

Apart from all this, it won't be wrong if we expect another demonetisation of currency. 

Let's see how this new note looks and what are the things that are growing around this rumour.