Ranveer Singh Is Visiting A Psychiatrist And The Reason Behind Is Shocking

What has happened to Ranveer?

Seems like our very favourite Ranveer Singh is in a serious trouble these days. What do you think, this serious trouble could be? Is he not getting new offers anymore or is he experiencing a turmoil in his love life? Is Ranveer not satisfied with his performance this year or may be Ranveer and Deepika are on the verge of breaking up? Oh my gosh! I know like that of me, even your mind is popping such thoughts, from the very moment when you came to know about the scoop of Ranveer Singh's regular visits to Psychiatrist these days.

Coz from the moment we got to know about this 'new routine' of Ranveer, we were highly worried about the actor and hence, we decided to get the investigation done on what's going on in Ranveer's life.

And, friends, we are here with an accurate piece of information on Ranveer's visit to a Psychiatrist and it is really very SHOCKING!