Meghnadh's Death Secret & 11 Other Ramayana Facts Every Generation Must Know

We bet you may have missed reading these...

We all have seen the Ramayana about 'n' number of times. We've seen it on TV, and yet there are things we don't know about the epic. Rama is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and it's not that Ramayan is all about Rama and Lakshmana, it's rather a story of a whole lot of people including Meghnadh, Dasharatha, Urmila, Parashurama and so on.

One most rarely known fact is about Urmila, the wife of Lakshmana who is not much written in the Ramayana. While Lakshmana accompanied Rama and Sita during their vanvaas, Urmila slept both her and Lakshmana's share of sleep so that he may remain awake to protect Rama and Sita. You won't believe that she slept for an entire exile period of 14 years and woke up only when Lakshmana returned to Ayodhya.

Not just this, there are more such unbelievable facts that you all may have missed reading somewhere. But we've got you covered this time.

Read on as we bring you the lesser-known facts about the various known and unknown characters of Ramayana.