Artist Raj Kamal Aich's Artworks Include Pads And Tampons Which Have An Important Message For Society

 Man, have you thought of period blood?   

Menstruation is something every woman in the world has to go through every month. We bleed for days, suffer through cramps, nausea and uneasiness while the world is busy patronising us for it. How possibly can something that enables women to bring a new person to life, be regarded as something so demeaning? It is difficult to understand as to how and why 80% of women in India do not have access to clean and safe aids to take care of menstrual bleeding!  

When I was talking to Raj over the phone, I realized how deeply concerned he is about the stigma associated with menstruation and how women are humiliated for it. Our conversation lasted for 20-25 minutes, where we shared our views on taboos about this particular topic. He came up with this unique approach of using tampons to create art.   

Read on to know what Raj told WittyFeed in an interview.