Netizens are Always Eager to Troll RaGa. This is What Youth Has to Say

Mixed reactions but an important revelation

Welcome to India... A place where people dare to dream and are often successful too. Let's talk about the two most talked about leaders in India... 

For us PM Modi would always be a chai waala who dared to dream and became the prime minister, maybe giving us hopes that we're promoting equality.

And Rahul Gandhi would always be Pappu who was cushioned by the strong throne and does not deserve anything but is daring enough to dream to become the prime minister some day.

But what about us? Are we too firm and conditioned to have a fixed set of opinions about these two? We can either be a bhakt or a minority when we support either of the two.

Maybe we ARE so hell-bent on our opinions that we don't have a shred of doubt that we can be biased. Of course, we aren't. These politicians give us all the reasons in the world to think the way we do. Don't you think? Well, you should probably think again...