Rahul Gandhi Revealed, "I am a black belt in Aikido" And This Is How Twitter Is Reacting 

Recently, he also introduced Pidi Gandhi...


Congress Vice-President Rahul Gandhi recently revealed that he is a sport enthusiastic - he runs, swims, gyms and also holds a black belt in Japanese martial art Aikido.

Rahul made the revelation when boxer Vijender Singh quizzed him on the importance of sports in his life at the annual meet of the Ph.D. Chamber of Commerce. Vijender, who is an Olympics bronze medalist, observed that while he had seen MPs and MLAs cut ribbons at events, he'd yet to see a politician engaging in sports.

At this, Rahul had assured the boxer that he'd share a video or photo of him doing so on social media. Vijender had then remarked that people were used to seeing Rahul go toe-to-toe with political rivals in the Parliament, but if the Congress leader put out a video on his sporting activities, it would inspire others.