Raees Movie Review: A Versatile Shah Rukh Steals The Show 

Raees is here!


Seeing Shah Rukh enjoying and dancing with 'sundar kudiya' in the snowy mountains was always fun, but watching him indulging in an intense fight with the goons was a more delightful treat to the eyes. I literally got a run of goosebumps! Although a criminal, but with a heart of gold, this is SRK in Raees.

On entering the theatre, there was a larger-than-life poster of Raees (SRK here), and people could not stop themselves from clicking selfies with the impresario. The movie begins with a bang, and his immense fan following gets justified. The movie is so tightly gripping that you just do not want even to blink. SRK, the epitome of versatility, has come over his image of the so-called 'romantic chap' and effortlessly played a bootlegger. 

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