These Bold Statements Of Radhika Apte Show It's Always Good To Speak Our Heart Out

Time and again she has managed to stand apart from the rest! 


Period stigmas, social attitude and abnormal reactions of people on normal issues have always pulled back a strong woman from doing what her heart desires. But, Radhika is not one of those who would grab a chair and sit in the corner of the room, accepting all the bullshit that the atmosphere is surrounded with. 

The actress has always surprised the media, audience, and filmmakers with her bold, beautiful and 'never-settle' attitude. Right from her statements, revelations, upbringing, and the way she perceives things, this woman has never failed to inspire me.  

Come, let's take a look at some instances where Radhika shunned the narrow-minded thinkers and created an impact on the minds of millions.