Radhe Maa All Set To Make Her Acting Debut With “No Casting No Couch – Only Ouch”

Is she following Guru Ji?

We're proud to be Indians, aren't we? Yes, we are and so it goes without saying that we're highly spiritual. No matter how many people you come across in a day saying they're atheist but at the end of the day, deep inside they are religious. If you want to be fooled then you will be, then whether it be some marketing gimmick or normal people with no supernatural powers claiming to have them. 

In the land of Baba jees' and Mata jees', every other person you see wants to appear as the messenger of God. In the same society, there are people like Radhe Maa, ring a bell? No, then let me give you some prologue. The resident of Gurdaspur, Punjab and a mother of two decided to become an avatar of Goddess Durga and since then people have been believing in the same. 

As it turns out, the next stunt she has pulled is in the acting line: