Quotes from Book 'How May I Help You?' Show How Can One Confront an Unfamiliar Culture

How does it feel to be an immigrant? 

We often hustle to adapt and adjust to an environment which is not at all as per our comfort zone. We just get too busy in learning the new cultures and concepts of a place that we generally forget who we actually are and from where do we belong. But, is this the case with everyone? Is this what we should do?  

Deepak Singh is an Indian immigrant in the United States of America, and he soon realised the fact that we do not actually need to rush towards the glittery world. 

Deepak falls in love with an American visiting India as an exchange student. The young couple gets married and leaves the country to live the American dream. Unfortunately, for Deepak, he soon realises that reality was completely different. 

Armed with an MBA from a good B-school and quitting a cushy job in BBC, Deepak moves with his wife. But once in the US, all he can get is a minimum-wage job in an electronics store. Every day he confronts an unfamiliar American culture. He experiences the deeply entrenched racism and observes first-hand the crushing reality of being poor in America. He has to confront an unfamiliar culture, and even his wife seems different in this new environment. 

Here are some quotes from Deepak Singh’s charming and insightful book, 'How May I Help You?' that chronicles his journey as an Indian immigrant in the United States of America.