Can You Identify These Superheroes From Their Shadow Or Silhouette?

#9 is the hardest to guess.

Superheroes are one of the most interesting people created by comics industry. They have something in them which attracts every person. We love them because of their distinct personalities and the things which they can do. Sometimes, I drive myself crazy because of the love and interest I have in these heroes.

There are so many things from which we can identify a superhero; it can be from their appearance, powers, way of talking or their way of standing. But, I think the most important thing in their identification is their appearance because without that you can not tell who is who if you have not seen them entirely, but a slight hint of appearance can also tell you a lot.

So to check your knowledge about their appearance, we have created their shadows, and from that, you have to guess their names. I hope you'll enjoy it and also share it with your friends.