The Queen Of England Had No Idea About This Secret On Her Coronation Day

It was an iconic secret.


Queen Elizabeth II is the world's oldest reigning monarch. She inherited the throne as a 25-year old on February 6, 1952, the day her father King George VI died. But it was only after 16 months that she was crowned the Queen of England.

King George VI died at a time when World War II had ended six years back and the British Empire was on the verge of dissolution. The Commonwealth of Nations was coming into existence. 

It was amid these circumstances that Princess Elizabeth II was sworn in as the Queen of the United Kingdom on June 2, 1953. It was a date selected by meteorologists who predicted that it would rain that day, which was considered auspicious. And it did rain that day. 

But what was the most fascinating thing about the Queen's grand coronation ceremony anyway? 

It was her GOWN!... no surprises for women...let me finish. It was her gown's HIDDEN SECRET! 

*Read on to find out*