#UntoldLoveStory2: "We Defeated The Devils That A Long-Distance Relationship Offers."

His mom set us up, but she didn't know she was doing it!


This Valentine’s day, WittyFeed went around asking people who have experienced real love – in one way or another – to tell us about their stories. These are tales of Indians who’ve shared their hearts and feelings and given themselves up to another with such completeness that it has become a part of who they are.

This one is the tale of a lady who has held her man in a bond of unbreakable faith and has managed to defeat the devils that a long-distance relationship often deploys to preach lovers apart.

“Our story is kind of like an arranged relationship: his mom set us up – although with an absolutely different motive…"

He is the son of the friend of my sister’s husband. On one of my family trips to Delhi, I met Mayank’s (name changed) mother. Unlike other women of her age, aunty is a chilled-out sweetheart. We warmed up to each other and got to talking. She told me she had a son my age. Not that it interested me at the time, but he was often discussed in our conversations.