Pro Kabaddi League: Where The Sport Of Kabaddi Saw Its Brightest Sun

All that talent needs is just a platform!


There was a time and it wasn't long ago when the only thought that came to our minds about Kabaddi was some rural pahalwans on a clay-court doing dangal, isn't it? Yes, there were tournaments and matches, but they had a very local reach. I mean a person sitting in Maharashtra would never ever know what sort of progress were made by this major cultural sport of our Indian society there in Punjab. But my dear friend this gap has been bridged. 

Ladies and gentlemen, Pro Kabaddi league as we all know is that revolutionary platform that has set a new pinnacle for this underrated sport to achieve. And not only to the sport, the players have also got what they lacked from our side, our support and appreciation.

Let's have a look at the journey of this amazing venture that helped us look at our traditional sport in a more cheerful way.