19-Year-Old Priyanka Paul's Artistry Is an Eye Opener for the Society 

"...because as a woman I can do whatever I want to."

"I am 19-years-old. I am currently in my second year of Bachelor of Mass Media at St. Xavier's College, Mumbai."

What do you infer from this that she is a little girl, pretty immature, rushing in between the thoughts of impressing a guy, right? But this artist, freelance illustrator and poet I am about to introduce here is not just any 19-year-old girl, but a lady who looks forward in time.

Since our childhood, we all have indulged in drawing as it was a part of our curriculum, "but I  never took it seriously until my eleventh standard when I realised that everyone around me has something to say," shares Priyanka Paul, who is using her Instagram profile to voice out that being a woman, she can do whatever she wants to.