What Has The Japan's Princess Sacrificed? It Will Make You Believe In True Love

For love's sake.


What happens when you fall in love? 

Your world becomes beautiful and you feel like spending your whole life with that special person. You become a poet and start reciting beautiful lines, while wondering where the lines are actually coming from. You become a better human being and people around you start wondering what happened to you suddenly? 

You start living in another world, and start acting like mad, sometimes. But that's what love brings. It makes you go crazy, it makes you do strange things. Love is just like water which flows towards the slope.

Love is pristine and powerful, can't be expressed in words. It makes people take bold decisions, as the feeling makes you fearless. 

This is what happened with the Princess Mako of Japan, when she decided to marry a commoner. Her decision to marry a commoner has caught world attention.

Now who's the man who stole princess' heart? And what could be the reason behind it?

Read on.