Highlights Of President Donald Trump And Pope Francis' Successful Meet

Trump left wanting peace!


On Wednesday, President Donald Trump, his wife Melania and daughter Ivanka finally visited the Vatican for a much anticipated private audience with Pope Francis. What made the event so significant is the fact that millions of people around the world had been waiting with bated breath for months for the two men (who are said to be total opposites of one another), to finally meet.

Much worldwide anxiety surrounded the prospect of the meeting since President Trump and Pope Francis experienced some tension last year regarding Trump’s plans to build a Mexican border wall; now ‘casually’ referred to worldwide as being the ‘famous feud’. Other mild clashes between the pair also ensued over the issues of migration and climate change, which raised concerns regarding how things would pan out during the formal meeting/audience between the holy man and the President.

Read on to see how things turned out and for highlights of events during this historic occasion.