Not Again! President Donald Trump Gets Mocked On Twitter For Typing 'Covfefe'

'Covfefe' has already become a new trend on the internet.


Ohh you're here once again? It seems your excitement about the American President Trump hasn't been affected after all these days. Don't worry; you've just come to the right place. And we've got the news rolling for you.

On Tuesday, Donald Trump is once again mocked online on Twitter for usual reasons. The careless American president posted a nonsense and misspelt tweet which read, "Despite the constant negative press covfefe." It was all done a few hours after Sean Spicer, Press Secretary in the White House escaped from his first press conference as the US President returned to America in between the reporter revolt.

Ever since Trump tweeted the word, 'Covfefe', it has become a trending keyword on all social media platforms. Twitteratis have mocked Trump in massive numbers with memes and gifs for his bizarre tweet. Are you among the ones who are trolling the president?

Let's have a look at the story!