Wake-Up Call: It's High Time For Donald Trump To Stop Disappointing America 

Was voting Trump a serious mistake?


Remember the moment when Barack Obama had become the President for the first time. How his win had filled us with emotions. It was the day when America got its first African-American President. I bet those memories are still fresh in your minds. All the Americans were on the streets, dancing, singing, laughing and even cried for this incredibly decent man, who went on to become the coolest US President in the history of America. He is the man.

Even President Trump might have felt the same way when against all the odds he vanquished his competitors in the presidential elections of 2016-17, against all the mainstream media and exit polls, Donald Trump had become the man. The most powerful man on Earth.

Unlike Obama, Trump has failed to hold the position wisely, and he has already failed drastically in his attempts to 'Make America Great Again.'