This Talented Girl Is Creatively Turning Waste Bottles Into a Masterpiece

"After every party, my friends used to give me the leftover bottles as they knew I wouldn't let them throw it."

How can leftover bottles, waste containers or broken crockery be put to good use? You may have some ideas, but definitely nothing close to Prachi Selot's. 

Prachi Selot is a young lady who is obsessed with left-over bottles since her childhood. Her obsession gave her the idea of personalising waste objects like liquor bottles, other scrap containers and converting them into a masterpiece. 

Impressive, right? 

Even I was, when I saw her personalised bottles for the first time. Her designs were so impressive that I decided to talk to her. And here I am with some incredible crafts by her that will surely leave an impression on your mind. 

NOTE: This story may give you the chills to redecorate their home.