Do You Know Who Supplies Potatoes For French Fries To McDonald's India?

It's yummy! 

Today, I was just wondering how incomplete our life would be without potatoes. It is one thing, which is almost present in every vegetable we eat and yet we take it for granted. Right? Because it is so commonplace that we fail to notice it.  

Another thing that comes to my mind about potatoes is that they are connected with someone who is overweight. I think this is not fair. To me, potatoes don't seem fat at all. That's an unfair comparison!  

Let's come back to dishes. Do you love chips? Aloo Pakoda? Aloo Tikki? Dum Aloo? Oh, the list is endless. The love is endless. 

Add to them the French Fries, because no McDonald's burger is complete without it. 

C'mon, let's read more about French Fries and the farmer who supplies tonnes of potatoes to McDonald's for you and me to munch on.