Seven Popular Movie Set Accidents That Proved To Be Life Threatening For Actors

A few actors lost their life!


We see movies and we feel that actors are living the best of life. They get to visit exotic locations and meet thousands of new people on their journey of a single movie. They even get to learn a lot in this course of preparing for the role of a movie. Above all, they get paid for all these perks that they are enjoying.

While all this looks glittery and easy to the public out there, we fail to understand that even a single scene of five minutes might take them hours and hours of rehearsal and retakes. They might have to go through hours of sitting just for the application of makeup for a particular role that is very demanding.

When the above-mentioned details on actors' struggle might still seem fine, accidents on the movie sets that unfortunately take place may succeed in gathering your attention. Let's talk about the most infamous of them.