This Is How A Popcorn Seller Becomes A Millionaire With A Little Help

Rags to Riches...

A luxury car came and stopped with a stony creek by a popcorn seller. This was another discovering for Mr. Roy. Mr. Roy lifting his glasses to his forehead slowly alighted from his car. Popcorn had been his all time weakness. He walked up to the small boy who was deeply focused in popping corn at the same time saving himself from being burnt with his shield.

There was already a collection of boys and girls, men and women around him. The child who must not have been more than ten to twelve years old was indeed multi-tasking. From frying popcorn to packing and collecting the money - everything was done meticulously and accurately by the young lad. Mr. Roy stood a little far and mused, "This boy can become the star of India of tomorrow.

"When Mr. Roy got his turn, the sun had already sunk into its sleepy abode. In the semi-darkness, the dark faced child was beyond recognition. Mr. Roy asked him to make fresh popcorn for him. Without looking at the customer, the child got busy with his work. The calculations as Mr. Roy observed danced on his lips. He chose to ask him a few questions concerning his family background which he answered curtly.