12 Times Politicians Made Some Anti-Women Statements in Public

Why are women judged so much and so often?

Women empowerment, gender equality, female liberation.

These are some terms that we hear almost daily, but, the concept is still not a reality.

The political reality of women in India pretty much mirrors the actual reality. Though we have many women leaders in the government, like Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj, Renuka Choudhary, Vasundhara Raje, etc., it is not easy for them to survive the bandwagon.

Unfortunately, we as women have become used to being objectified over the ages that sometimes we don't even raise a brow.   

I have grown up listening about female icons like Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher to name a few. While their respective personalities have always inspired me to be fiercely independent and courageous, the mundane verbal atrocities faced by these women in power is a direct blow to every young mind sharing the same aspiration. 

I am not at all happy about what I have to share next, but we need to understand the mentality of some male politicians before we think about casting our votes.

Yes, they seem to be quite arrogant with no values, and I find a majority of them mentally sick.