12 Secrets About Manmohan Singh That We All Should Know

Most educated Prime Minister in the world.


"Life is never free of contradictions." - Manmohan Singh 

Manmohan Singh, an Oxford and Cambridge-educated economist who is honored for shaping India's economic and social welfare reforms served as a Prime Minister of the India from 2004-2014. 

Did you know that the highly educated and qualified Dr. Manmohan Singh’s speeches are written in Urdu because he can’t read Hindi? Well, neither did I, before I looked up for some lesser-known secrets about this so-called 'silent' former PM's life.

He had been appointed as Finance Minister during the 1991 economic crisis, in which he presented a historic budget that guided the nation into the era of liberalization. It was his guidance, that the country grew 9% for the very first time. 

So, this September 26 on his 84th birthday, let's learn about some of his major facts and secrets that many of us are unaware of.