Harry Potter Author And Other Celebrities Criticise President Trump On London Attack Tweets

POTUS, wrongagain?


Stories of terror attacks in the newspaper, on the internet and social media platforms, are becoming more frequent than ever. While the entire world stands united to fight the terrorism, it seems that the terrorists' organisations are making developed countries their targets one by one. United Kingdom, for instance, has been attacked thrice in the past three months.

The first attack took place in March outside the Parliament, the second one at Ariana Grande's concert in May. The third and most recent one took place at London Bridge on June 4, where people were stabbed with the knives brutally. More than six people died while 30 suffered life changing wounds.

The internet, which connects all of us together at one place, was flooded with tweets from celebrities and common people who prayed for the betterment of those who suffered injuries and paid tribute to people who lost their lives.