Melania Trump Slaps Off President Donald Trump's Hand On Their Visit To Israel

Another viral moment from Trump.


All of us know that US President Donald Trump is on an overseas trip. He has already visited Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia and the UAE have pledged $100 million to a women's business fund supported by his daughter Ivanka Trump.

But something peculiar occurred on May 22, which gave enough fodder to social media.

When Trump and his wife Melania arrived in their Air Force One Air flight at Tel Aviv, Israel, the FLOTUS swatted away President's hand when he attempted to hold it while walking on the tarmac.

The online world has become obsessed with President Trump and to feed their hunger; he has given yet another moment to troll. 

This act has been caught on the camera by Israeli news paper - Haaretz. It has gone viral on internet, as Melania's gesture is difficult to ignore. Have a look!

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