A Close Friend Reveals What Obama Said To Him About President Trump After The Elections

Know more about Obamas.


Before we get into US politics, let me tell you that nothing has changed for Obamas. Michelle packs her own lunch and her husband Barack Obama, the former US President, is still not allowed to drive.

While the US President Donald Trump is busy welcoming controversies in the Oval Office at the White House, Michelle and Barack Obama are living a less-hassled life these days. 

But a source close to Obamas has revealed to People Magazine about what the former PLOTUS and FLOTUS think of President Trump and his governance.

Excited already?

Post elections, Barack Obama never went public with his opinions about Donald Trump and his presidency even when Trump made some serious allegations against Obama and bullied him several times on social media platforms.

The more Obama hid, the more curiosity it generated. No one really knew what did Obama think of America's oldest president, Trump. But, not anymore.

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