Justin Trudeau Did Something Adorable Which Has A Striking Similarity With John F. Kennedy

What else do you need to see on the internet?


Justin Trudeau has many avatars, and all of them are entirely different. At times, he is a charmer who captivates the attention of women from around the world, which includes names like Duchess of Cambridge and Ivanka Trump on the list. And how can we forget the moment when the internet was trending with nothing else, but the snap of his sassy derriere avatar. In short, every time Justin Trudeau tries something for the first time, it goes viral on the internet.

And yet again, he has confirmed that he is the heartthrob in all his avatars. The youthful Prime Minister of Canada, 45, posted many adorable photographs on Facebook while having fun with his youngest son Hadrien, who is only three-years-old.

In the caption, he wrote: "had some company at the office today.' And fans were predictably delighted by the snaps which showed blonde-haired Hadrien standing on his father's desk and waving to assembled delegates as he held a meeting."

Let's have a look!