Listen Boys, a Girl Should Be Allowed to Do These When She Is PMSing 

Dekh bhai, sunn? 


It is a good day today, I'm not angry, nor am I going to yell at anyone for simply EXISTING. I am a happy girl, you see, the one they show in Whisper sanitary pad's advertisements on the television. Yeah, the same girl who wears white pants and goes on trekking because she wants all the adventure during 'that time of the month'. 

YEAH, read that? Now, here's the real picture dude. 

When on my periods, I am definitely not the girl who goes on a trek, wearing white pants. I hate being a GIRL in the first place. I hate the fact that the most sensitive part of my body is punishing me. Like, really? Is that how you are going to repay all the debts that you owe me? 

I have various thoughts when I PMS and many girls at the WittyFeed's office, a place where ideas and witty thoughts flow, agree with me. So here are the things that my colleagues and I think should be allowed when girls PMS: