Has PM Modi's Initial Silence on Rapes Given the Opposition Parties an Advantage?

You are one of the best Prime Ministers this country ever had, but...


Kathua and Unnao must have never imagined appearing in an international news this way. More than half the Indian population was unaware of their names, but the terrifying gang rape stories from these two places have now taken the whole world by storm.  

Aggressive media coverage, social media debates, and hideous nature of this crime ignited the fire in the entire nation, and soon people, irrespective of their caste, and religion started to come out on the streets to protest and demand justice for the rape victims. The political workers joined the marches across the nation and shortly #WeWantJustice turned into a #WeWantModi statement as one of the most vocal and communicative PMs of India was silent in the early days of the cases. Modi has chosen to remain silent. The reason? Well, it could be because people from his party are directly or indirectly involved in these two cases.

Delay in his acknowledgement as PM seems Modi's initial silence gave the opposition parties the advantage in such a saddening gang rape incidents.