Sikh-American Civil Rights Advocate Valarie Kaur's Plea In The Times Of Donald J. Trump (Video)

Breathe and push: A plea to her country!


Valarie Kaur, you might or might not be knowing her, so let's just take a short introduction about her and here we go. 

Valarie Kaur is a Sikh-American civil rights advocate, Sikh interfaith leader, a media and strategy fellow at the Stanford centre of internet and society and an American documentary filmmaker. Her grandfather followed seven generations before him, served in the military and fighting on the frontlines in World War 2 against Hitler armies. His British commander had requested him to remove his turban and he refused his orders saying the turban represented his faith and he could not serve without his faith. Apparently in the same war when the German aircraft swooped down and shot his best friend, he wiped off his wounds with the cloth of his turban and brought him back home. Because for a true Sikh, seva means leaving no one behind. 

Well, not enough of this, you gotta listen to her plea to her country in the time of President Donald J. Trump not in against of anybody but to oppose racism, inequality, injustice and immorality.

Let's check out the story here.