Pilot Captures Breathtakingly Beautiful Photos From Cockpit & We Can't Take Our Eyes Off Them!

Rare sights to behold.


Photographer Santiago Borja Lopez has captured some amazingly beautiful formations of the sky from his cockpit. 

Santiago is a pilot based in Quito, Ecuador, and works for Ecuador Airlines. Whenever he is off-duty, he takes out his camera and captures the spectacular sights that the skies have to offer. Looking at his 'Of-this-world' captures, one may envy his job and crave for those long flights.

The captures are so magnificent that they kindle the urge in you to fly. One may envy the perks this job generates. Just peek through the window and there are stupendous sights to behold. Whether it is day or night, awe is guaranteed!  A few clicks by lensman give him awesome results and pay.

From colossal white clouds to lightning to the bird's eye view of cities to storms to the silvery moon, Santiago has photographed lovely occurrences in the sky. He is active on his Instagram handle and has over 28,000 followers.