Photographer Depicts The Plight And Suffering Of Acid Attack Victims In The Most Heroic Way

A display of the gamut of emotions!


"I still sing. I love music. I love partying. I love nail polish. I design and tailor my own clothes. I have desires like you do, but I seem to scare off people."

An acid attack survivor, Laxmi Agarwal.

A physical attack on someone leaves grave physical, mental and psychological wounds behind, which take time to heal. Acid attacks are one such kind of traumatising acts that cut through the fabric of confidence of the victim. But, this society has some divine souls who step out of the crowd and support and empower them to believe that they still have wonders to do.

Many sympathise with people who are attacked, especially the victims of acid attacks. But some act to help the victims in their own ways. 

Photographer, Niraj Gera took series of photographs of acid attack victims and named it as Sacred Transformations.

He says, "It is a pictorial representation of their holistic transformation and is dedicated to saluting the heroic valor and the determination with which they strive at transforming their lives for better against all the odds."

Have a look at his blood-stirring frames.