Photo Of A Baby Girl Born At 24 Weeks Goes Viral And It's Heartbreaking

She was their only daughter!

A grieving couple released the only picture of their daughter Adelaide who was born at just 24 weeks. And there was a reason behind this.

As she came out, this prematurely born baby couldn't survive because she was too small to exist. She only lived for an hour. The heartbreaking photograph of the tiny baby left the couple in despair for the rest of their life. And on the other hand, the very short life of Adelaide framed the debate over abortion in the UK where abortion up to 24 weeks is considered legal. The mother said, "Our picture shows Adelaide was not a foetus she was a fully formed human being and to think that a baby like her could be legally terminated on grounds of a lifestyle choice is to me is horrifying. Medical grounds is a different matter."

26-year-old Emily Caines lost her two baby girls Adelaide and Isabelle, who were born prematurely. A scar tissue had been blocking her fallopian tubes. Doctors also told her cervix was too short, and it would be a miracle if anyone of her baby survives for long. She underwent treatment to make her pregnancy healthy. And finally, her third child Lennox came as an angel. Caines and her husband feel blessed that their third child is with them now.