Global Internet Security Is In the Hands Of 14 People, How're They Selected?

They hold the seven secret keys!


Who runs internet security? Is it Google, Apple or the Illuminati? Actually, they do not execute the internet security. It may sound a fictional thing, but the security of internet is governed by 14 people who hold seven secret keys.

There is an organization named the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, who are responsible for managing Domain Name System (DNS). So, what is DNS? When we type an address in the address bar of the browser, the domain name checks the IP address of where we want to go and redirects us there.

The heart of the DNS system lies in seven keys, and these seven keys are distributed to two groups of seven people all over the world.

So, how are people selected and who are those people, and if one key is lost, will the internet go down? Let us find out. 

Note: The cover photo shows the KSK Key ceremony members.