70-Year-Old Social Worker Janak Didi Believes Everything in Life Should Be Sustainable 

She lives 300 days a year on solar cooking and one LPG cylinder continues for more than a year.  

"It was 1964 and I had just passed out of high school in Chandigarh. 

One day, I suddenly fainted. My parents took me to PGI; it's a hospital in the city. There, the doctors told my parents that they are late in bringing me to the hospital. I was suffering from a severe heart issue, and I was supposed to undergo an open heart surgery. They kept me in the hospital for one year, where for nine months, I saw people dying in front of me. 

Every day I used to ask the doctors about the date of my surgery because I had instincts that I will die during that surgery. But that was my first successful open heart surgery. After the surgery, the doctors came to me and said, 'Janak, wake up. You have made history.' But before he could complete the sentence, I said to God, 'You have given me a new life and I will spend it in gratitude," these are the first few words I heard from a 70-year-old social worker, who is working towards sustainable community development and is commonly known as Janak Didi.