10 Things India Wants Prime Minister Narendra Modi To Change In The Country This Year

Towards a better India!


"Achhe din aa gaye"

Kya sach mein achhe din aa gaye hai?

This is what is on every Indian's mind since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister of the country. 

Being a leader isn't easy, especially of a country that is home to over a billion people. In recent times, India saw many changes like demonetisation and GST. That is all from the economy's point of view. Swachh Bharat campaign has also been implemented by the Prime Minister and it is doing well, I must say!

But what about the other issues, the socio-economic issues like reservation, overpopulation, and corruption? India is really concerned about those. How do we know? We asked India, #IndiaKaPulse and we came across some major concerns that people in our country have. And the changes Indians want to see in 2018.  

No country is perfect, not even the ones that are already developed, but we will try our best to do whatever we can; from bringing awareness to changing ourselves.

Today we would like to address some of the major issues that India thinks, should change in 2018. This is India talking directly to our PM, Narendra Modi.

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