This Indian Start-Up Has Produced More Than 500 Entrepreneurs In 2017

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An Indian start-up, LINQ STORE which is based out of Hyderabad has worked wonders in what they do.

Their simple concept of being an official offline affiliate to giant e-commerce and retail industries has created fire in the franchise sector. The primary key to their rapid rise and success is their association with every store owner and the guidance that they provide to them through their operations for every store. 

With their idea of very minimal investment and almost zero inventory, this startup has exposed the low tiered regions of India to a modern digital scenario with their franchised stores. It's a model that has turned many ordinary people into entrepreneurs of today.

The stereotype thought that only a metropolitan city could give you a good job and career growth is changing. Thanks to LinQ Store that has given 500+ entrepreneurs. The success story of few of them is listed below.  

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