7 Things We All Can Do To Make Indian Education System Better

There's difference between knowledge and wisdom.


"Education is the only weapon which has the power to change the world."

The future of any country depends on its working force that drives the economy and ultimately helps in the development of the nation. But there's one significant part of this whole process that's complex and missing in our country, India. It's 'education'.

Now when I say that education is missing, it doesn't imply that schools are missing because there are more than 12,85,576 primary education schools (according to 2009's govt. data) in India, but the problem is that even all of them together cannot deliver what is expected. 

Since 1947, we've made a massive progress regarding the quality of knowledge and the different career choices that we can provide to the younger generation, but gaining a professional degree is not possible for every student, and the reasons could be many.

So, we at WittyFeed have tried to look at the fundamental problems in the system and have attempted to find the probable solution.

Have a look!