We All Shared Kamlesh's Memes, But Do You Know His Story?

The video wasn't supposed to be taken HUMOROUSLY!

Do you remember the video of a mother slapping her little child that surfaced on the internet months back? 

Well, videos like this are a proof that at times Indian media turns the most critical issues into something funny. And even we overlook the fact that though we are taking things in an amusing manner, it doesn't generally imply that it is entertaining. 

For the kid video, despite the fact that the video accumulated a ton of considerations, just a couple of individuals saw the dark side of the video. And now, a new trend on the internet is 'Kamlesh'. I am sure you all must have seen the video of this 13-year-old drug addict whose replies created numerous memes. 

But only a few people know the truth behind the video, and that is what I have in store for you all today. Before hopping to the disclosures, let's see a portion of the most noticeably heart-breaking parts of the video.