180+ Countries And Still Counting, This Woman Wants To See The Whole World     

Will this woman ever age?    


Madagascar, America, Russia, Europe, Africa and Antarctica and North Korea and... 

I lost the count of how many countries she has travelled in last 50 years. Name any country and this lady has a story to tell. She had this dream job, which only who are fortunate enough can bag. 

If you think you have travelled enough and need to settle a little, here's Meher Moos for you. A 70-year old who is racing against time for the ultimate destination that she still has to find.  

 A solo female traveller who has travelled to more than 180 countries. Hat's off to this lady! We can't even go out without booking a hotel and there she lived her whole life without any support. Landing to an unknown place where she meets unknown people and click!click!click! New friends found.  

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