69-Year Old Who Once Was Assaulted At The Age Of 9 Shares His Story With The World

He is finally getting justice!

Child abuse and sexual assault cases are the most heinous form of crimes and highly condemnable. It is a gross breach of trust that inflicts a lifetime of behavioural and psychological issues on the victim. Besides blotting their innocence and misusing their gullibility, such acts go on to affect the children in the most brutal ways and even ruin their life forever, unless counselling helps heal their scathed soul.

A similar incident came to light recently when a 69-year old man waived off his right to anonymity and came out in the open about how he had been sexually assaulted at the hands of his teacher six decades ago. He explains how the incident affected his life and bruised his confidence. He had been living with a ‘burden of shame’ all this while that finally seems to have been lifted off as he disclosed all about the horrific experience in public.