Meet The Forest Man, Who Has A Self-Built 'Home' Of 1400 Acre On A Washed Off Land! 

A pick for every nature-lover!

Some people have added the word 'environmentalist' with their names. They are people who have protested, individuals who have filed petitions in the courts and individuals who have fought for the justice of this environment. Well, I am not decisive or partial for anyone, but here's the story of a man who showed the world what a true environmentalist does. Ladies and gentlemen, proudly presenting Jadav Molai Payeng or 'The Forest Man of India'.

Payeng is a proud owner of a 1400 acre house. Don't believe me? Let me tell you how. 

During his teenage days, Jadav witnessed a devastating flood in his village from the Brahmaputra river in Assam. The flood did cost lives of many domestic and as well as wild animals. After the flood, he saw several snakes and other animals lying on the ground, dead. The situation devasted him and pushed him to find out the reason for this disaster. After finding out the needs of mother earth and measures that would help in protecting the environment, this man devoted his heart, soul, and life for the welfare of nature. Let's see how it all happened.