Meet This Tech. Entrepreneur From Indore Who Is Chosen By The German Government To Represent India In Germany

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations!"

India is a hub of success stories of people who have dragged themselves from rags to riches. They have an out of the box thinking, a peculiar personality, hunger for doing something big and a strong will to stand by their goals and aims. Not to forget, having a gentler way to success and not being shrewd about it. Entrepreneurship is the new India. We see it every day. Don't we? 

Pankaj Vijayvargiya, the man with a portfolio of 30 thousand+ domain names, is the new age icon of entrepreneurship in our country. Keeping patriotism high in his mind, he is known for making regular high figure sales in other top-level domains such as .ORG and .IN.
Currently serving as the C.E.O. at Bitlevel International, his words are pretty encouraging if we talk about the new "Entrepreneurship" hot wave in the country.