Sona kitna sona hai: Pakistani Dulha Wears Gold Shoes Worth Rs 25 Lakh on His Wedding 

Shauk badi cheez hai... 


Before we begin with the story, here's a small tip: If you believe a woman wearing so much of jewellery on their wedding day is overrated, get ready for a hilarious surprise!   

People nowadays are willing to leave no stone unturned to make their marriage stand out. Every other day we read about lavish weddings, couples spending enormous money on their d-day. It has become more of a style statement.   

Earlier, it was just women getting inspired by Bollywood shaadis and getting all dressed up in designer lehenga. But the groom I am about to tell you has taken it all to a new level. 

Yes, this Pakistani groom from Lahore wore shoes made of gold on his wedding day, and his pictures are now making rounds on the internet.