Five Objections Made Against Padmaavat that Are Completely Disheartening and Unfair

Are they just some baseless allegations? 

Our nation currently stands divided based on the different opinions related to the launch of Padmaavat. But the majority of us won't take a step forward and oppose this issue which actually holds no true value. 

The filmmakers insist that Padmaavat delightfully captures the glory, dignity, and tradition of the Rajputana culture. However, Lokendra Singh Kalvi, presently a BJP supporter and the lead activist of the Rajput community Karni Sena continues to oppose against the movie claiming the movie distorts historical Rajput facts.

We don't quite believe so, as clearly there is no evidence against the claims. Those who actually have watched the movie in a private screening state that the movie does not include anything that could hurt a community.

So what exactly are the objections? Let's find out: