Oscar Nominations 2017: 14 Nominations For 'La La Land' And 6 For 'Black Actors'

After Golden Globes, it's raining Oscars for La La Land!

Oscars nomination showered the neo-musical 'La La Land' with 14 nominations, a tie with 'Titanic' and 'All About Eve' for the most nomination for any film in Academy Awards history. The Academy also moved past two #OscarsSoWhite times by acknowledging six 'black actors' — a record — and including various films like 'Moonlight,' 'Fences' and 'Hidden Figures' in the best movie race.

Nine films are competing for Hollywood’s top prize, containing several box-office hits. Following 'La La Land' (14), 'Moonlight' (8), 'Fences' (4), and 'Hidden Figures' (3) nominations. The 'best picture' group comprised 'Arrival', a sci-fi thriller, 'Hell or High Water', the tear-jerker 'Lion'; 'Manchester by the Sea', about a sorrowful New England handyman; and 'Hacksaw Ridge', Mel Gibson’s real narrative of World War II Valor.