An Open Letter To My Best Friend, To Tell Her Everything That Goes Unsaid

She is my other half. 


I started college a week late from most of my fellow batch mates, back in 2013. And the first memory I have is that of my college bus where I met this chubby, cute girl, with the most captivating smile. Later as the day progressed I figured out she was my classmate but she already had a group of friends, quite a group right there and I were still a newbie, trying to maneuver my through this new place!

Days passed and I never realized how this chubby girl had transformed from my bus-mate to my classmate to further being my first friend at the college!

And since then, it has been one hell of a journey that I would never want to relive in any other way! My best friend and I, we are no more friends, we transmuted into being sisters long back!

Today, I dedicate this piece of my writing to the one and only, the ultimate and the irreplaceable, Neha!