Only a Jabra Bollywood Fan Can Guess the Movie by These Dialogues

Bata ballu! 

Whenever you see three people on the same scooty, do you call them 3 Idiots? Do you say, "Main apni favourite hoon" at least twice a day? Do you call Salman Khan 'Bhai'? Do you relate your everyday life situations to films and then deliver a typical filmy dialogue for it? 

Well, if yes, congratulations, you are a jabra Bollywood fan.  

But to check your passion for Bollywood, I have taken the difficulty to the next level. Here are some not so familiar Bollywood dialogues that will surely make you think twice. Take the test, and only call yourself a real fan if you score 10/10. 

All the best. Let the fun begin! *EVIL LAUGH*